For Buyers

Pay only once you’re satisfied with the goods or services
Protection against product misrepresentation by Seller
Protection against non-completion of a service by Seller

For Sellers

Protection against non-payment
Protection against payment fraud
Protection against potentially insolvent Buyers

How it works

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Protect yourself when trading the following goods and services…

Vehicles & Automobiles

Escrow Angel is the perfect secure place to park the purchase funds until the Buyer completes their searches and inspections, and the Seller has finalised the transfer of registration.  Buy vehicles safely!

Goods & Merchandise

Enjoy total peace of mind when purchasing high ticket items online. Buyers place the purchase funds in escrow until they receive and confirm satisfaction with the item purchased.

Domains & Websites

Take the risk out of trading domain names and websites. Buyers place the purchase funds in escrow until they confirm satisfactory transfer of the domain registration.

Home Improvements

Tradies and consumers both benefit from using Escrow Angel in home improvements. Consumers can make staged payments as each phase of work is completed. Tradies can be confident in payment on completion.

Professional Services

Protect yourself when offering or contracting a service of any kind. Buyers pay upfront into escrow and funds can be released to the Seller as pre-agreed milestones are reached.

Business to Business

Protect your business when trading with a new supplier or customer. Use Escrow Angel for the first few transactions while you develop and build trust in the business relationship.

All escrow funds are held under the secure custody of National Australia Trustees*


  • All transactions are handled online through our secure portal at
  • We will NEVER send you payment instructions via email – all instructions need to be viewed from our secure online portal at
  • We will NEVER ask you to make payment via Western Union
  • We will ONLY EVER ask you to make payment to an Australian bank account held with National Australia Bank (NAB), or via BPAY